Samburu National Reserve is located in the North Eastern region of Kenya in the Samburu County. It is home to the Ewaso Nyiro River, which acts as a border between the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The Game Reserve covers roughly 165 Km² and is located around 350Km from Nairobi County.

Samburu National reserve Climate

The climate in the Samburu is mostly hot and dry, it is a semi-arid area. with annual temperatures ranging from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius, and annual rainfall being 350mm, the rainiest seasons are in November and April. The dry seasons is between May to October annually. The park is one of the most popular parks in the Northern Kenya.

Wildlife in Samburu National reserve 

Despite its hot and dry climate, the Samburu Game Reserve is home to very scenic and rare wildlife in Kenya. The reserve boasts of a thriving eco-system that every visitor will celebrate. The Ewaso Nyiro river acts as a reliable water supply for almost all wildlife in the Samburu. The river is home to species of fish, crocodiles, hippos among many more.

This reserve has its share of big cats: a lion, a leopard, and a cheetah. And here you will find many large herbivores, such as impala, buffalo, and hippopotamus. Elephants, Samburu has more than 900 of these peaceful creatures. A herd gathered in a river that sustains life. Meanwhile, under the murky brown waters of the river, a significant population of Nile crocodiles can be seen waiting for their prey.

Samburu is also known for some fairly unique wild animals that are generally not found elsewhere. A visit to the reserve will introduce you to such memorable species as Gravy’s zebra, giraffes, and oryx. And this is one of the few parks where you have a good opportunity to discover African wild dogs.

Bird Watching In Samburu National Reserve 

For bird lovers, the reserve offers a permanent display of fascinating avian life – more than 450 species. Through the acacia forest and river vegetation, on game drives in Savannah, there will be countless opportunities to see kingfishers, marabous, vultures, guinea fowl, Somali ostriches, such as falcons and eagles.

But despite the active wildlife here, the reserve offers a sense of peace and tranquility. Some people attribute this to the fact that Samburu is relatively remote and initially inaccessible as other parks developed. It is also a land of magical possibilities. It was one of the two fields in which Joey Adams raised Elsa Lion, whose story was told in the book and film “Burn Free.” There was also another famous lion in Samburu, the Kamunaik (“happy one“), which is at least known for adopting oryx calves. As seen in the movie “Heart of a Science“, he fought against the hunter to save his young orphan. Named after the people of the native Samburu, whose villages meet a certain border.

Things to do and see

Game viewing & bird watching

The geography and climate of Samburu guarantee lots of wildlife viewing, especially during the dry season. It’s a bird lover’s paradise.

Visit the Samburu People

The Samburu are a nomadic, herding people similar and related to the Maasai. They also dress in the same manner with blankets and beads. Visit a local Samburu village, meet the people, learn about their lifestyle and perhaps purchase some souvenirs of your experience.

Buffalo Springs Reserve

Just south of Samburu Reserve on the opposite side of the Ewaso Ng’iro river lies Buffalo Springs, named for an oasis here. Similar wildlife can be found near an ancient lava terrace called the Champagne Ride.

Shaba National Reserve

To the east of Samburu and Buffalo Springs is Shaba Reserve. Greener than Samburu, the reserve is an area of dramatic forests, woodlands, and volcanic formations, especially the Shaba Hill Volcano.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Samburu Game Reserve ?

The best time to visit the Samburu National Reserve on a safari is between December through to March and July through to October every year. Also Samburu is also enjoyable in the wetter seasons.

Recommended Tour Packages

We highly recommend the following safari packages that are ideal if you wish to visit the Samburu National Game Reserve. Some of the Safari packages passing by the game reserve include:


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