Mountain Climbing, Mt, Kenya Trekking

About Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya, Africa is the second highest peak in Africa . It is regarded as the realm of Ngai, god of the local Kikuyu people.

Traditionally, all Kikuyu homes were built to face this sacred peak. They call it Kirinyaga, or place of light.

The mountain is an awe-inspiring sight. Its ragged series of peaks are crowned with snow, and its slopes are thick with forest.

Visibly seen at the crack of dawn, when the days early light silhouettes its impressive summit high over the surrounding plains.

Trekking the Mountain

While the 5199 meter summit is a difficult technical climb, the lesser peak of Point Lenana (4985m) can be reached by any fit trekker.

This trek takes between 3 and 5 days, through a fascinating world of forests, wildlife, and unique montane vegetation including pod carpus and groundsel, and finally one of the world’s rarest sights, equatorial snow.

For those who don’t want to climb the Mountain, now is a good time to learn about exercises for climbers for this expedition. The cool highlands that surround its base are well worth a visit.

The forests are ideal for game viewing, and there are crystal clear mountain streams that abound with Trout.

Getting there

Main road access to Mount Kenya is via Nanyuki or Naro Moru, both easily accessed from Nairobi by bus/matatu or private transport.

Some trekkers and climbers access the mountain from Chogoria. There is an airstrip in Nanyuki with both scheduled and charter flights available.

Choosing to organize a mountain climbing safari with us, we’ll organize transport from Nairobi to Mt. Kenya.

Getting around

Asili Adventure Safaris will reserve a hotel accommodation for you either in Nanyuki or Naro Moru with close accessibility to the Mt. Kenya National Park.

Climbing Gear

 Mount Kenya is a fascinating place to visit. But you do need the right gear to assist you in the climb.

For instance, you need the best shoes to climb through the harsh terrain as you approach the peak.

You also need to have proper clothing, jackets for the cold. You can view more about what to pack for safari for more information about what to pack for mountain climbing.

Recommended Tour Packages

We highly recommend the following safari packages that are ideal if you wish to visit the Mt. Kenya, and are ideal for the Mountain climbing expeditions. Some of the Safari packages include:

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