16 days Kenya Epic birding safari

Kenya Epic bird watching safari

Embark on our 16 days Kenya bird watching safari. This tour covers the rich habitats and ornithologists are assured of unrivaled birding experiences in Kenya. This Kenya bird watching safari covers the following game parks & reserves:
  • Taita hills
  • Tsavo West national park
  • Amboseli national park
  • Mount Kenya national park
  • Lake Nakuru National park
  • Kakamega Forest
  • Lake Victoria
  • Masai Mara national reserve

Our Kenya birding safari starts in Taita Hills, this is an excellent area for birding since its relatively isolated. Here you will spot the Taita Thrush, Taita apalis, Sokoke pipit, Yellow throated woodland warbler etc.

Your second safari destination is Tsavo national park where you will see falcons, eagles and buzzards.

On the fourth day of your Kenya birding tour visit Amboseli National park. Amboseli national park is rich in bird life and has over 400 recorded species. Birds such as pelicans, herons, grey crowned cranes and egrets are found in the Swamps. Other birds in Amboseli national park include Kingfishers, superb Sterling,Heron among others.

From Amboseli national park we head to Mount Kenya national park. Mount Kenya national park and its surrounding areas offer incredible birding opportunities. The area holds more than 160 species of birds including; abbot starling, Hunter’s Cisticola, Jackson’s Francolin, Jackson’s Widowbird, Crowned Eaglet to illustrate just a few.

Our Epic Bird watching safari heads to Lake Nakuru national park. This park is a bird watchers paradise; with over 400 species of birds recorded here. This park was originally gazetted as a bird sanctuary so as to protect the various birds in the park. Lake Nakuru national park is famous because of the pink flamingos that resided here, however, due to the flooding from upstream you will now only find a few  flamingos in the park. The flamingos move to the other Rift Valley Lakes.

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On the ninth day of our Kenya birding safari we head to Kakamega Forest where we spend 2 nights at Rondo retreat. Kakamega forest is a mid altitude tropical rain forest, the easternmost of the Congo basin forests.The bird life is well known, rich and unusual in its composition. Two globally threatened species occur, Chapin’s flycatcher and Turners Eremomela.

Lake Victoria is our next safari destination. We will easily see birds such as Hamerkop, Little Egret, Yellow billed Stork, Pied Kingfisher, White winged, Whiskered Tern, African Skimmer, Red chested, Copper Sunbird, Shikra and African Thrush etc.

Finally, our bird watching tour heads to the famous Masai Mara national reserve. Masai Mara has more to offer than the big 5 and the wildebeest migration. This reserve is a birders paradise with over 450 species of birds. Masai Mara hosts the larges bird on earth, that is the "Masai Ostrich".

You will also easily see Martial eagles, crowned eagles, vultures, secretary birds, hornbill, lilac breasted roller, tawny eagles, superb starling etc.

Enjoy exclusive services of your English speaking guide. We also have multilingual tour guides available on request.

This safari package pricing includes 3 meals per day while on safari. It also includes park entry fees for the duration. This tour runs on private basis hence it can depart at clients most convenient day.

While on this tour guests stay in well selected lodges and tented camps. We offer  guests an option to tailor make this tour and use their choice of hotels. You can also  incorporate flights as per your desire.

Kindly do let us know how we can make your safari memorable!  
  • Nairobi-Taita
  • Tsavo West National Park
  • Tsavo West National Park
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Mount Kenya Central Highlands
  • Mount Kenya Central Highlands
  • Rift Valley - Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Lake Nakuru - Kakamega Forest
  • Kakamega Forest
  • Western Kenya - Kakamega Forest
  • Kakamega Forest – Kisumu
  • Kisumu- Masai Mara National Reserve
Main Destination:
Masai Mara National Reserve Mount Kenya Central Highlands
Kakamega Forest Amboseli National Park
Tsavo West National Park Lake Nakuru National Park

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