25 Days East African Safari | Uganda Gorilla Trekking and Zanzibar Beach holiday

East African Safari | Uganda Gorilla Trekking | Zanzibar Beach

Reserve our East Africa overland Safari . This Uganda Gorilla Trekking and  Zanzibar Beach holiday is a true definition of the African vacation adventure. The holiday tour begins in Entebbe, Uganda, and ends in Nairobi after a flight from the sandy coastal beaches of Zanzibar.

Upon your arrival at Entebbe Airport, you will be met by your safari guide who will transfer you to your hotel in Kampala. After the jet lagged arrival to the hotel in Kampala, you will unwind with an evening dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in readiness for the beginning of your safari the following day.

The following morning, you will visit the Kibale National Park for a gorilla tracking safari. This safari is done by walking through the dense evergreen rain forest. This National Park is famous for its population of red and blue duikers, bush bucks, bush pigs, giant hogs, warthogs, African buffalo, primates, and also elephants. Kibale is a rich national park that harbors most of Africa’s endangered primate population. This safari in Kibale is done on foot, walking for about an hour watching the Gorillas

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After traveling from the South Western Uganda region, you will head North on a 5-hour trip to Bwindi National Park. With a quick stopover at the Equator for a photographic moment and lunch in Mbarara. Upon your arrival at The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The park is a large forest located in the South Western region of Uganda. The forest is dense and is home to most of Africa’s Primates like gorillas, monkeys and other thriving bird life with species like hornbill and turacos. In the evening, you will lose up with an evening rest at The Gorilla Resort.

Uganda is known for its rich history and culture. After your safari in Bwindi, you will head on to Kampala. While on the way, you can take time to buy the African artefacts and crafts as your souvenir. You will arrive at the Cassia Lodge in Kampala in the evening after the scenic 9 hour safari across Uganda. You will rest at the hotel, reminiscing the amazing gorilla safari. The following day, you will embark on a flight to Nairobi’s JKIA with a trip to the Lake Naivasha National Park.

Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Hell's gate  National Park is a scenic park situated along the Rift Valley. Some of the activities you can participate in while in Lake Naivasha include a boat riding experience overlooking the amazing sunset. You will also visit the Hell’s Gate National Park for bike riding and walking safari. Hell's Gate National park also offers a hill-climbing safari experience. It is truly a memorable experience while in Lake Naivasha. The following morning, you will head to the famed Masai Mara National reserve.

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is the world famous home of the annual wildebeest migration. The park is also home to a thriving wildlife ecosystem including the big five (lions, leopard, Rhino, buffalo, and elephants). You will also find bird life like eagles, secretary birds, Vultures, lilac breasted roller, white bellied bustards among other scenic birds. After spending two nights in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, you will embark on the road to Lake Nakuru National Park.

The Lake Nakuru is an alkaline lake in the Rift Valley, thus it is favorable for the growth of blue green and red algae, this alga is food for the pink flamingos. Thus the lake is a bird sanctuary. Needless to say, the Park is also a rhino sanctuary. The lake is home to the endangered black rhino. Rhinos are a must see attraction in Lake Nakuru.

3 Days Amboseli Safari

The following morning, you will head to the home of the African elephants, Amboseli National Park. This is a scenic park overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro. Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. The park is renowned for its large elephant population. It is a common sight to view the large herds of elephants strolling the park alongside giraffes, zebras, antelopes and gazelles. The Park is also a habitat for predators like cheetahs, leopards, snakes and lions too. After the memorable nights spent in Amboseli National Park, you will head south to Tanzania via the nearby Namanga border. Reserve our amazing East Africa overland safari.

Tanzania Adventure Safari tours

While in Tanzania, you will get to visit the best National parks of this beautiful East African country. You will start your Tanzanian tour with a visit to Lake Manyara National Park. The park is renowned for its protection of the African elephant population. However other wildlife thrives in this favorable ecosystem like hippos, monkeys, warthog, gazelle, buffalo, wildebeest, water buck, warthogs and wildebeest. You will spend one night here and head on to the Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National park is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Africa. It is famed for its large lion, cheetah, and leopard population. The Serengeti is also home to the Annual wildebeest and zebra migration in search of pasture in the neighboring Masai Mara National reserve. It is arguably the largest National Park in Tanzania and its over 14,000 km squared in the Serengeti plains. With an evening stay at a tented camp, you will head on to the Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire is a bird sanctuary, it is an ideal home for numerous bird life during the dry season. The park also boasts of a large number of indigenous baobab trees alongside the thriving elephant population among other wildlife in the area.

Zanzibar Beach Holiday

The following morning, you will head to Arusha. Here, you will fly to Zanzibar Beach as you head to the tail end of your ultimate East African safari. You will spend 4 nights on this scenic island in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is an ideal holiday destination, with the cool ocean breeze against the tropical island’s sandy beach. The island is also rich in history. You can opt to spend some time exploring the Swahili culture and also get to buy some merchandise for your memorabilia.

After the four nights, you will head to Nairobi where you will mark the end of your 25 day East Africa overland safari.

We are willing to customize this East Africa overland safari for you. With options flexible to meet your requirements. Feel free to contact us so as to customize your African holiday safari.

  • Entebbe to Kampala
  • Kampala to Kibale Forest National Park
  • Kibale Gorilla Safari
  • Primate Watching Tour in Bwindi National Park
  • Uganda Gorilla Safari
  • Entebbe to Nairobi to Lake Naivasha National Park
  • Lake Naivasha National Park to Masai Mara Game Reserve
  • Full Day safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve
  • Masai Mara National Reserve to Lake Nakuru National Park (Flamingo and Rhino sanctuary)
  • Lake Nakuru National Park to Amboseli National Park (Home of the African elephants)
  • Full Day safari in the Amboseli National Park(views of the Mt. Kilimanjaro)
  • Amboseli National Park to Lake Manyara National Park
  • Lake Manyara to Serengeti National Park
  • Full Day exploring the Serengeti National Park
  • Ngorongoro Crater safari
  • Ngorongoro crater to Tarangire National Park
  • Tarangire to Arusha Airport, flight to Zanzibar
  • The beautiful Zanzibar Beach
  • Zanzibar Beach to Nairobi JKIA Airport
Wildlife to see
Main Destination:
Kibale Forest National Park Bwindi National Park
Lake Naivasha National Park Masai Mara Game Reserve
Lake Nakuru National Park Amboseli National Park
Lake Manyara National Park Serengeti National Park
Ngorongoro Crater Tarangire National Park
Zanzibar Beach Gorilla Trekking

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