6 Days Lake Manyara Serengeti Ngorongoro Tarangire Lodge Safari

6 Days Explore Tanzania wildlife  lodge Safari

6 Days Explore Tanzania wildlife lodge safari  on Game Drive in ecologically rich Lake Manyara National Park. You will also Explore Serengeti one of the most celebrated ecosystem. Visit World Heritage listed Ngorongoro Crater. Finally tour Tarangire, a park of giant baobab trees, rolling Savannah and acacia parkland.

Our 6 days Explore  Tanzania wildlife safari features the game parks in Northern Tanzania Tourist circuit.

  • This tour starts with a tour of Lake Manyara national park. In Lake Manyara lions have developed a liking for residing in the branches of trees. Here they can both sleep and watch for prey.
  • The following morning you wake up early and head to Serengeti national park. Serengeti is Tanzania's largest and most famous national park with the wildebeest migration.
  • The third safari destination in our 6 days Tanzania safari is the world famous Ngorongoro crater. The crater is famous for its high wildlife concentration and breath taking sceneries.
  • Finally you visit Tarangire national park. This park provides a spectacular destination for game drives.

Tanzania Safari

Our 6 days Explore Tanzania safari runs on private and exclusive basis. Our Tanzania wildlife safari starts from Arusha Tanzania hence you could book your flights to Kilimanjaro Airport. We recommend guests arrive one night prior to safari departure.

      • Our 6 days Tanzania safari runs on private and exclusive basis hence clients can depart at their most convenient date.
      • While on  this tour guests stay in luxury lodges and tented camps. The lodges & camps are well located for rewarding game viewing, Wildebeest migration paths all along.

Book our 7 Days Tanzania safari Itinerary This tour is tailored to give more emphasis in wildebeest migration herds and calving in Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation areas.

Then the calving begins from January to February when the wildebeest give birth to some 8 000 calves every day. The calving season carries on into March and is joined by other animals too. Tens of thousands of zebras and gazelles have accompanied the wildebeest on their trek and are taking advantage of safety in numbers to drop their young too.

Such numbers of young and inexperienced animals are of course a magnet for Africa’s predators. The big cats i.e. lions, leopards, and cheetahs stalk the southern Serengeti along with spotted hyenas, black backed jackals, and African wild dogs. Your chance of seeing predator prey interaction and indeed a kill are very high during the Serengeti calving season. This is great news for wildlife photographers if not for the wildebeest.

Visit  Lake Manyara National park , Serengeti national park  , Ngorongoro crater tour  and Tarangire national parks

In Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater is said to have the world densest population of lion. Serengeti is notable for its large migratory herds of wildebeest and zebras with strings of predators in trail. The Ngorongoro crater also offers amazing wildlife viewing and scenery

      • Our African wildlife Tanzania safari stays in luxury level lodges and tented camps. Book your Tanzania safari with us and experience this natural world wonder with Asili Adventure safari guides.
      • This tour runs on private and exclusive basis.
      • Safari booking is guaranteed – This privately guided tour is fit for families and it's children friendly.
      • Hot air balloon safari in Serengeti national park is available on request
      • You will enjoy professional services of your safari guide while touring Tanzania with our Tanzania safari guides.

We offer guests an option to tailor make this tour. Guests can use their choice of lodges & camps and you may also include flights as desired. Please let us know how we can make your ideal wildlife safari holiday.

  • Arusha – Lake Manyara national park
  • Lake Manyara – Serengeti national park
  • Full day Game drives in Serengeti national Park
  • Serengeti – Ngorongoro Crater Tour
  • Ngorongoro – Tarangire National park
  • Tarangire National park – Arusha – departure
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