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The Tsavo East National Park is among the oldest and largest game parks in Kenya. Covering approximately 13,700 square kilometres in area. The park is located near the town of Voi in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya.

Climate & Rainfall

Visiting the Tsavo East National Park, you will experience hot and dry climate. The average daily temperatures is about 30°C/86°F during the day and 21°C/69.8°F during the night. Whereas the average annual rainfall experienced is roughly 1037 mm. We therefore recommend our guests to pack moderately heavy clothing while on safari to the Tsavo as the temperatures at night can get chilly.

More About Tsavo East

You will find yourself in an endless expanse of the savannas. The park is home to large herds of elephants, the elephants roll here in the red dust, hence their distinct ‘red-color’. Why do elephants cover their bodies with mud ? Reason why the elephants cover their bodies with mud is an interesting phenomenon; first, the mud acts as an insulation against the harsh sun and heat, therefore helps cool the elephants body while during the daytime heat. Also, the mud helps the elephants get rid of pests like ticks, on their skin. When the mud dries up and falls off, it carries with it the pests, hence the mud also acts as a ‘pest controlling agent’. Taking pictures of these gentle giants spraying themselves with the mud are delightful and never to be forgotten.

Wildlife & Birds of the Tsavo East

The Tsavo East National park has sparse foliage, therefore making it easier to spot wildlife. Exploring the Tsavo East while on a safari, you will definitely catch a glimpse of the unique Tsavo lions, adult males that don’t have their familiar mane (”maneless lions”).

Did You know Tsavo East National Park is the largest protected area in Kenya ?

Kenya’s a country with unprecedented biodiversity, and of course houses the “Big Five” of Africa – black rhinoceros,  buffalo, elephant, leopard, and of course lion. In the Tsavo East, you can also find moose, gerenuk, impala, and Maasai giraffes on your safaris. The Tsavo also boasts of a thriving birdlife. With more than 500 species of birds in this amazing national park, you will get to see birds like the black kite, the lovebirds, and the sacred ibis among many more bird species. The Tsavo East is an ideal destination for either Photography Safaris and even Family Safaris in Kenya.

Here too, the earth calls for research. You will come across the longest lava flow in the world! An ancient lava flow that formed to rocks with length of upto 300 kilometers. The Galana river, flows forming a line of green life along its banks  contrasting the dusty savannah nearby. Here, you will find hippos, crocodiles, and waterbuck pods, adding to this expected reserve variety.

When is the Best Time To visit?

The park is open year-round and always accessible.  Note: One can only walk or hike in designated areas and only in the company of a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger.

Things to do and see (Activities)

Some of the activities that you can participate while in the Tsavo East National Park include:

  • Mudanda Rock – This is a 1.6 km whale-shaped rock towering over a natural dam. The life-giving waters here attract hundreds of the park’s elephants.
  • Aruba Dam – is a man-made dam of great aesthetic charm and an immense conservation area. The thousands of animals here create a perfect platform for wildlife viewing
  • Lugard’s Falls – in this oddly eroded natural structure, the Galana River disappears into a narrow rocky groove. You can stand astride both sides of the falls and view its plunge into the rapids and pools below, filled with awaiting crocodiles
  • Walking safaris – get out of your safari vehicle and feel the land beneath your feet on a guided walking safari along the Galana River.

Whether you come to Tsavo East for an afternoon or several days, there’s so much here to enjoy and remember. The birds, the elephants, lion, leopard, and giraffe. This is Africa at its most wild and yet its most accessible. Kenya’s largest park awaits your arrival.

Recommended Tour Packages

We highly recommend the following safari packages that are ideal if you wish to visit the Tsavo East National Park. Some of the Safari packages passing by the Game Park include:

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