Views of Mt. Kenya, Spectacular Waterfalls, Amazing Bird viewing

Thick rainforest, mind-blowing waterfalls, cool mountain breezes, and wild moorlands, Aberdare National park is trekking, fishing, and wildlife paradise. The rich vegetables of the lichen and mossy forests here present a comparison with the sandy yellows and browns of maximum different parks. And the cool weather, pervading mists, bloodless lakes, and streams are a global away from the sunbaked hills and savannahs of the extra well-known reserves.


Where is the Aberdare National Park located ? The Aberdare National park is located 150 km (93 mi) East of Nairobi and 87 km (54 mi) from Naivasha, in The Central highlands of Kenya. It is part of the Aberdare Range, volcanic mountains that comprise the eastern wall of the Rift Valley.

About Aberdare National Park

The park is famously known for its 300m-high waterfalls, mountainous terrain, misty tropical forests, and wealthy hiking as for its wealth of natural world. Cross for a mountain hike and you’ll be transported from rainforest to bamboo groves to high alpine flowers. Alongside your course, you can see buffalo, antelope, baboon, monkey, and elephant emerging from the dense forest. The park is domestic to over 2,000 elephants and a few very uncommon species such as the bongo – a large antelope that lives in the bamboo woodland. Also determined here is the very uncommon African golden cat. Aberdare is home to the second biggest herd of black rhino in Kenya. And sightings are not unusual of spotted hyenas, bush pigs, waterbuck, jackal, eland, and on occasions the elusive black leopard. The lion is present right here too but now not often spotted. The park’s cool, misty surroundings appear to favor an array of birdlife warbling thru its forests – over 290 species, along with the endangered Aberdare cisticola. In those cool glades, you can see raptors consisting of buzzards, hawks, and the African crown eagle. Butterflies are especially considered in the main environments of the park – the forests and the moorlands. Forests and Moorlands Aberdare park is divided into eco-systems. The salient is the surroundings of rainforest and hills bedecked with excessive waterfalls. The mountains right here range in elevation from 2,000 m (6,600 feet) to 4,000 m (13,000 ft).

The Lodges (Safari Hotels)

The accommodations in Aberdare are as unique as the park. They may be both positioned close to regularly visited watering holes and are exceptional vantage points to view the locals as they come to drink. Treetops Lodge As the name implies, this is a treehouse in which you could live and look at the natural world. The lodge was recognized by the world when Princess Elizabeth stayed right here and found out that she had emerged as the queen of England upon the death of her father. The Ark Lodge As its name signifies, the lodge has been designed in the shape of Noah’s ark. It has enchanting views of the park’s wildlife as they come to close-by watering holes and a salt lick.

Best time to visit:

The reserve is open all year-round but the best times to visit are January and February and June through September. During the rainy season from March through May, the roads are not passable. Accommodations: At the Aberdare, you will find different campsites as well as the two lodges – Treetops and The Ark. Both lodges offer excellent nighttime game viewing.

Things to do and see

  • Hiking

You can do hiking at the Aberdare as the park has a beautiful forest and moorlands, cool climate, amazing streams, and abundant wildlife. At Aberdare, you can do easy walks or serious walks and this can be done in the company of a ranger. Opportunities for getting close to wild animals and land here are limitless

  • The Waterfalls

The park hosts Gura waterfall plunge 300 m (984 ft) – the steepest fall in Kenya. Other mind-blowing falls are Karura, Chania, and Maraqua Falls.

Recommended Tour Packages

We highly recommend the following safari packages that are ideal if you wish to visit the Tsavo West National Park. Some of the Safari packages passing by the Game Park include:

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